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Welcome to Section 203 – The Best Seat in the House

Section 203 is to the seating chart at the Rogers Centre (the Dome) what Sidd Finch was to pitchers*. A perfect seat in the mind, unfortunately it simply isn’t actually there. In that spirit, your host, R.A. Wagman, brings you the baseball of his mind, expounding on some of the great game’s greatness to answer the questions that curiosity requires. What can one expect in Section 203? The most frequent and prescient look at the Blue Jays organization, with daily prospect updates from the length and breadth of the system. Short analytical studies about the game, more often than not, focused on the Blue Jays, and a return to the art of the game story. Going past the box score and the post game press conferences to recreate the thinking man’s game as the game of the mind.

*Section 203 is fictional. To the 1st base side of Windows restaurant, seating starts with section 204 and moves up from there to 205. 203 is the number on the door of my apartment, from where I do most of my baseball watching.

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